Marcello Nocera

The inventor

A little about me...

Marcello Nocera is a typical Itallian, passionate about everything that he does, he applies this passion to the SSD burner design which he conceived several years ago and strongly believes that this product could provide significant benefits in both cost savings and reductions in enviromental emmisions.

Several years ago, Marcello, proprietor of Marcellos Ristorantes in Hitchin and Central Milton Keynes noticed that a significant amount of gas was wasted by his chefs by allowing burners to remain alight during periods where no cooking receptacle was present above the burner.

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Marcello realised that efficiencies of production in the stressful environment of a commercial kitchen required that chefs concentrate totally on food preparation and speed of operation. They do not have time (or spare hands!) to constantly turn burners on and off every time a cooking receptacle is temporarily moved away from the gas flame. Also, chefs need to know full heat is instantaneously available whenever it is needed.

Nationality:    Italian

Name:             Marcello Nocera

This presented a problem whereby in acting in the interests of the restaurant, fuel efficiency could not be optimised; consequently the excessive gas consumption was almost seen as an overhead.

Marcello decided that this situation should not be allowed to continue, but realised that the solution must lie within the equipment (and therefore the equipment designer and manufacturer) rather than the operator.

The concept identified by Marcello was to ensure that when a pan or other cooking receptacle was removed from a burner flame, the flame should be automatically reduced or extinguished, but that upon replacement of the receptacle full flame must be automatically restored immediately.