• Gas saving
  • Improved safety (specifically relating to pan handles on other hobs)
  • Reduced extraneous heat into the kitchen
  • Reduced demand on air conditioning
  • Reduced carbon emissions

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L'Ariete Limited has been established to develop the SSD (Safety Saving Device) burner for use in catering environments, and to generate revenue either through the direct sales of burner devices, or through the licensing of this technology to 3rd party organisations.

The SSD (Safety Saving Device) is intended to provide benefits for chefs and restaurateurs involved in the operation of commercial kitchens incorporating gas hobs. Essentially the device turns off (or turns down) the burner whenever a pan is removed from the burner, and re-instates the full gas supply instantaneously on replacement of the pan or other cooking receptacle. Specific benefits include:

The proposed principle of operation for the 'SSD' device is suitable for any domestic or commercial gas hob or similar appliance. The purpose of this device is to prevent the flow of gas to the burner head unless there is a pan or similar vessel present. The device is normally closed and will return to the normally closed position when the pan or similar vessel is removed.

This device does not act as an isolation cock and will work in conjunction with an appropriate safety gas valve.

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